Neoprene rubber has excellent resistance to oils and chemicals among many other beneficial properties, and that is why it has been put to a variety of applications. These are the applications of neoprene rubber. Get to know more about neoprene rubber in this article.


Neoprene rubber is used to make wetsuits, waders and dry suits for those who love water sports.  Those who love fishing, snorkeling, deep sea diving, and surfing will be kept warm with these neoprene made clothing even when they are sporting in very cold waters. The elasticity of neoprene made sports gear offers flexibility during movements so that you enjoy your sport.

Safety gloves are manufactured with Neoprene rubber.  Liquids cannot get past the neoprene rubber gloves; hence, you can use them to handle dangerous chemicals. It is resistant to low temperatures which makes the gloves to keep you warm even when you are working in a freezing environment.



It is used by the majority of manufacturers who make sports and medical equipment.  They are essential in making protective gear for sports people and those who love the gym so that they do not get hurt. It is used to make clothing like wrist straps that are used to support the wrist when you are lifting heavyweight equipment in the gymnasium so that you did not apply too much pressure that may dislocate the wrist joint.  There are many medical braces and support assistants whose material is neoprene rubber. Patients who have experienced bone fractures mostly wear the support equipment, sprains, and dislocations. Neoprene rubber support equipment do not lose shape like other rubber-made equipment; therefore, you can wear them comfortably for as long as it takes until you heal. Click here: to know more about the application of neoprene rubber.


They are used in  manufacturing ceiling materials for electrical applications  like light fixtures. The electronic light bulbs have to be sealed so that water and other liquids that may damage them do not get inside.  The bulbs  are secure and will last longer even when they are used as security bulbs outside the house because then your brain seals are resistant to harsh weather conditions,  ozone and UV rays.


 The sleeves and casings of communication devices are made from neoprene rubber. The interior of the laptop needs to be well protected because it has essential parts of the device that you should not come in contact with because they are electrical.  Static energy is released when the electrical parts in the processor start operating; therefore, engineers pad electrical components with equipment neoprene rubber-made materials for insulation.  The static energy should be controlled because it will lead to electrical components overheating and being damaged.  The technique that you supplied and laptops is the same one that is applied in the assembly of other communication devices like iPhone. To know more about neoprene rubber, click here: